’s marketing function is essential to Daniel, as its the ability to send auto eMail & SMS Texts reminders for clients and reduce “No shows” with 89%. Plus the newsletter feature with news and special offers. “Since we’ve had the software, every week I go through my customers database and send them an email and a text with a special offer in. It takes about 4 minutes and we see complete success from it. Since we’ve had the software we get a lot of money coming through the till every week, when we usually wouldn’t…”

Mixed into the standard treatment menu at BodycraftLondon are a range of holistic and well-being therapies, such as sport massages, body massages, acupuncture, electro-stimulations, facials, eye treatments, manicure, pedicure, waxing and microdermabrasion.



In terms of client segmentation, aside from regularly using ClinicSoftware to target new customers, Daniel finds the client card feature very useful. This allows the user to record previous purchase, past appointments, past activity, history with balance, active courses and sessions and tracking for the customer sessions and tracking for the customer instalments along with a client’s details, and based on these you have the ability to analyze your customers logs activity and increase the number of your appointments.

“Recently, I wanted to promote and offer to our regular clients, so I sent them an offer with 20% off if they booked Tuesday and Wednesday. We saw a lot of re-bookings immediately after. Most of the marketing I do through its marketing solutions, like newsletter, sms text, loyalty card, voucher gift cards and many more. We get a lot fewer no-shows because of the messages… ” Daniel continues.

“We have Increased the sales by 400%. A massive thank you!” – he says.


Please check the video for the full testimonial and the case study details.


Testimonial – Daniel Reece Lyons
CEO, Founder: Bodycraft London, Performance Therapy London


Video Transcription


– Client Video Testimonial – Daniel Lyons ( Founder and Director – BodycraftLondon & Performance Therapy London )
Talks about /

Hello I am Daniel Lyons from Bodycraft London.
We are a salon situated in Stratford Westfield, we provide a wide range of beauty and well being services, such as hot stones, pregnancy massage, sports masage, soft tissue injuries, electro-accupuncture, normal accupuncture, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxings, and many many more.
Hello, I am here today to talk about, and how we integrated into BodycraftLondon, a while ago now, it’s been absolutely fantastic.

It’s increase your sales by 400%, it’s got many great features on there, such us marketing functions, the email and sms text messages withing 48 hours just reduces no shows with 89% which is fantastic you know.

So we use to get a lot of people, they use just book in and no show up, really, because they been booking their appointments ages ago, and just completely forget about it and to be honest sometimes you even forget to send an email or a text message out when you do have a lot of clients within that day so that automatically just does it for you which is so easy, the newsletter as well which is sent out so let people know who have signed up forthnightly which is very professional, and just shows everyone the news we have on, any offers we have, sales as well.


– How are helping you? Every week I go through our customer database which is a feature on the software and I sent to our clients the special reminders and offers as well that we have on and it just had increased our sales which is fantastic.

Every week now I go through it and it’s put in money through the till where is it didn’t do so well before we start sending this reminders out and the special offers as well which automatically go out, just make life so much easier.

– How does benefit you the best? I can track the benefits the are coming through the business from the software by checking the weekly, daily monthly, comprehensive reports and see where we are doing really well in a certain area and we can actually traget specific customers, specific offers, specific sales, it’s really just easy to use.


– What Has Changed in Sales? Before using this software my sales went particularly strong for the business but now after using these features as well the actually sales gone up by 400% which is just fantastic and you can’t ask for much more than that.


– Delivering better integrated services? Integrateed into the software we have all of our services which are really easy to find, easy to work around as well, such a lot massive range of holistic well beeing services, sports masage, body massage, accupuncture, electro-accupuncture, electro-stimulation, waxing, facials, eye treatments, manicures, pedicures, you haveve got a lot going on there and it’s really just easy to use.


– Why did you choose ? I choose as our software provider because they seem to have all features you need to grow your business where other providers just had really quite boring and hard to work around service and functions in there.

We choose they have many features to grow your business, which is really good and other providers just had a basic calendar and few other functions on there.


– What features do you value most in ? has many features such as Total Management Control, where you can see your staff Checking IN, Checking OUT, at times, also gives them different options of what they can use in the software, so you can have as manager a lot more use useful features through the software and if you want certain staff to be limited to certain features is really handy as well, especially if you are not arround all the time and if you have more clinics. It’s got POS (point of sale) system, stock and product management, which is really handy just always constantly keeping control of what you have got it. It gives you an alert as well of when you are getting low on stock and products.


– What are the features you love the most? Business Reports and finances, which we talk about earlier is the fantastic option that keep you up today with your reports and also finances, obviously of what’s gooing on, so you can hit the targets specific areas and see where you going well where you are not doing so well, how you can improve in those areas as well.

Appointment Book, really easy to use, a fantastic feature also it’s very easy to find your way around it, and it’s very user friendly. We have vouchers cards, loyalties cards, gift cards, and client cards which the Client Card one of my favourite features it’s just gives that extra touch to your clinic, salon, the client will come in, with a certain specific barcode on their card, you scan this card and it will come up with all their history, the information so you can use just little extra touches as well as you saying hello to the client, you can see what they had last time, weeks, month ago, years ago, you can see how much credit they have on their card, you can top it up, wow… many many more… on there, so that’s definitely a favourite feature for me, which also goes into client management really, there you can again manage your clients, you can see what they are having specifically on a regular basis, what treatments they have in and tailor specific clients special offers, give them a special offer for being a loyal customer, a send them special offers tailored to them and what they like, so that is again, I don’t know if I can have two favourite features, but I think I will linked them into one anyway which is fantastic.

The Online Booking System with that many many complements on it and as I was saying earlier the sales just increased by 400% I think a lot of it is to do with the online booking system because is so, so easy to use when you are on there. If you go into other websites as well you can, it’s sort of, it takes a while to find your way around, click, if you click on service you have to book and pay for them individually, but not this one, you specifically can, you can select many services and book and pay for them at the same time as well which is really good.


– How useful is the online booking system add-on? has given us online booking system and is as I was saying earlier has just increased sales by 400%, I think a lot of it is coming through from the how easy the booking system is for clients, it’s fully responsive as well, so if you are on the go you can use it your phone, you can book multiple treatments as well at the same time, even with different therapist or practitioners and is a fantastic realy really good booking system.


– What’s your opinion on our Technical Support? The tehnical support is very professional, is rare, very rare, than anything goes wrong with but when we have been stuck before, there always been very very helpful.


– How to develop a marketing strategy? Recently I wanted to promote an offer to our regular clients, so I have sent them an offer with 20% off if they booked Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we saw a lot of rebookings immediately, Most of the marketing I do is through, is marketing solutions, like newsletters, sms texts, loyalty cards, voucher cards, gift cards, many more. Few no shows because of the messages as well.

BodycraftLondon uses the software integrated sms texts facility that recently benefited from a free update included in the support packages which included automated sms feature that can be configured to use stored, information to send our “Happy Birthday!” messages and welcome email to new clients, this is a realy, really good feature and it’s fantastic.


– Anything you would like to tell everyone? When we started BodycraftLondon we use just getting buying really, that wasn’t a well of lot going on, it use just turning over, we made a big leap into the software from and it’s just taking the business to a whole new level, now we are looking to even open it up other branches because of the volume that is bought in, and it’s really, really help to say out a lot, I will definitely recommend it, but I sort of don’t want it because I want to keep it a secret as it’s like a bit of a secret card that you got at your sleeve but if you own a clinic or a salon is the right thing to do, it’s a must, and I want to say a massive THANK YOU TO for making us so much more confident and just taking as I said the business to that next level and just constantly taking to new levels as well, it’s just made our life so much earlier and our salon so much more professional as well, so a big THANK YOU!


Thank you Dan!




What is GDPR and why will it affect my business? What data in Clinics is affected by GDPR? Who is responsible for what? Becoming GDPR compliant

GDPR directly affects personal data: In a clinic, what exactly is personal data? Any information related to a person, for example name, date of birth, NINO number, address, medical details, phone number, photograph can identify an individual is also considered personal data, medical details, skin conditions, medication, constitutes sensitive personal data and additional care must be taken when processing it. It is vital for staff members to un- derstand the ?nancial consequences that may occur as a result of its mishandling. A As you can see, you are currently collecting daily a lot of data that GDPR applies to! Can Help You Become by:


Providing you with the industry’s ?rst fully digital paperless compliant consultation forms meaning you opt-in all clients and their consent via email, sms text and online in a traceable way as per GDPR legislation!


Giving you ?lters and tools to create mar- keting campaigns using email, newsletter, social media and SMS that are opted-in and won’t get you in trouble when clients request a copy of their consent as per GDPR legistlation!


All communications with our servers are encrypted with SSL/TLS (warranty of $1,750,000) meaning you and the team are protecting your clients’ data from leaking! For improved Security we also offer the ability to use two-factor authentication!

You can be fined up to 4% of revenue capped at 20 million euro e.g. If your Clinic’s turnover is £500,000 you could pay a ?ne of over £20,000.

There are two core parties responsible for data protection with GDPR: the “data controller” and then the “data processor”. As a clinic, you are the controller. You collect the data and choose how that data is collected and how to use that data for styles, colours, treatments, marketing, offers, promotions, emails, sms texts, etc. In other words, you are making decisions on how your clients’ personal data should be collected and used. is a processor, as it is a tool that can help you do this. This is the perfect example of why you need a GDPR-compliant Software: If you are using pen and paper and an online email tool for example, it will be virtually impossible to provide all of the data above.

After four years of preparation and debate the GDPR was finally approved by the EU Parliament on 14 April 2016. Enforcement date: 25 May 2018. The regulations will be put in place regardless of Brexit negotiations, and we are aware of the huge effect this will have on as a software, as a SAAS provider, and on our customers.

We started investigating the new regulations in July 2017, and have been actively working with our team and advisors to gain a full understanding of the implications, and create a number of action plan for what we will be doing to ensure we are compliant 100% with GDPR, pre 25th of May. We will also offer as much support as possible to our customers in providing their own GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

Please note that we will advise our customers where possible, provide tools, where possible, to enable GDPR compliance to our customers, our role as the data processors is standalone, meaning the data controllers (software users) will need to manage their own internal investigations in line with GDPR, as to ensure their compliance with European Commission rules and regulations.

Union, and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.

The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU.[1] When the GDPR takes effect, it will replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC).



Getting ready for the GDPR


GDPR checklist for data controllers
Designed to help you, as a data controller, assess your high level compliance with data protection legislation. Includes the new rights of individuals, handling subject access requests, consent, data breaches, and designating a data protection officer, under the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.


GDPR checklist for data processors
Designed to help you, as a data processor, understand and assess your high level compliance with data protection legislation. Includes the new requirements for data processors, the rights of individuals, data breaches, and designating a data protection officer, under the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation.


What information does the GDPR apply to?


Personal data

The GDPR applies to ‘personal data’ meaning any information relating to an identifiable person who can be directly or indirectly identified in particular by reference to an identifier.

This definition provides for a wide range of personal identifiers to constitute personal data, including name, identification number, location data or online identifier, reflecting changes in technology and the way organisations collect information about people.

The GDPR applies to both automated personal data and to manual filing systems where personal data are accessible according to specific criteria. This could include chronologically ordered sets of manual records containing personal data.

Personal data that has been pseudonymised – eg key-coded – can fall within the scope of the GDPR depending on how difficult it is to attribute the pseudonym to a particular individual.


Sensitive personal data

The GDPR refers to sensitive personal data as “special categories of personal data” (see Article 9).

The special categories specifically include genetic data, and biometric data where processed to uniquely identify an individual.

Personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences are not included, but similar extra safeguards apply to its processing (see Article 10).




Top tips for getting your business GDPR compliant! We can help you!


Store client information more securely than never before; no more paper notes and manual work. There’s many ways management system can help you gather, obtain and store client information and access securely having everything encrypted with SSL Security Certificates..

Data security
Enjoy peace of mind. helps keep your data under lock and key with personalized security settings, so you have the power to choose who can access what and activate 2 Factor Authentication for all your users.

Automated back-ups
Your software system is the heart of your business. This feature automatically takes a back-up of your data, protecting you against any unforeseen disasters such as theft.

Digital forms
Make sure you have all the boxes ticked with custom consent forms that suit your unique business needs. Capture essential details such as contraindications, obtain client consent before you provide a service and save space in the same time.

Online client information cards
This handy little feature makes capturing client information from any device. Your clients simply enter their details on an iPad or tablet and your system is instantly updated and sync in real time.

Visual records
Keep track of customers progress and empower your team to deliver the highest quality treatments with detailed visual records of each customers visit. Compare before and after images and look back on details of past procedures.

Set and send marketing on autopilot
Be active with consent and get your clients to opt-in and keep in touch using automated feature. Once opted in, you can set up your SMS and email marketing campaigns so they automatically deliver personalized communication.


12 steps to take now is registered and comply with Data Protection Act and Ready to comply with GDPR starting from 25 May 2018.


  RETURN TO BLOG is happy to host a free integration with MailChimp!

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is the ultimate software that will change the way you market your product on the internet. MailChimp is a simple email marketing software (EMS) which gives you a number of easy options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails. The number of feasible options and the easy to use interface set MailChimp apart from other software, and this can be seen with the number of users that use this software, going well over a million users!

Would you like to track advanced email analytics such as the number of opens, click rates, and more?

MailChimp allows you to easily create newsletters of varying types and then provides simple options for sharing them on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, making it your own personal platform for publishing your newsletter. Build a list of the people whom you want to market your products to, and save the list for use later on, and create custom templates for your products so that you do not have to rewrite mails again and again.

What does connecting to MailChimp do?

Our MailChimp integration automatically syncs all of your patients & customers from clinicsoftware.loc into a list of your choice in your MailChimp account. Connecting clinicsoftware.loc and MailChimp takes about 25 seconds and everything is taken care of for you from there. Our MailChimp integration automatically syncs all of your patients & customers from the software from your clinic reception, but from the online booking add-on as well of your website. Sync customer emails from clinicsoftware.loc into MailChimp lists for sending fast, professional communications with analytics and great response. Manage your clients and business like never before with clinicsoftware.loc .

Benefits of using this feature include:

  • Design email templates with your own branding
  • Integration with social networking increases the impact of your marketing
  • Get live stats about your email campaign
  • See more benefits here:
  • Attract more customers for your Business


Getting Started

Sign Up For A Free* MailChimp Account

1. Go to and click the "Sign Up Free" button, and complete the required fields to signup.


2. You will receive an email to activate the account. Follow the link in the email.

3. After you activate the account, follow the steps on MailChimp to complete setting up your account.


4. Once your account is setup, you are ready to integrate that account with clinicsoftware.loc

Integrate Your New MailChimp Account With


Integrating your MailChimp account is easy! Just generate an API Key from MailChimp, and copy & paste that into your settings.

1. While logged in MailChimp, go to Account Setings (top right), expand the Extras area, and click "API Keys".

2. On the API Keys and Info page, click the grey "Create a Key" button. A key will be generated and displayed on that page.


3. Copy the entire key as you will need to paste this in software.

4. While logged into as an admin user, click ADMIN AREA -> Settings .

5. Search "MailChimp" and In the MailChimp API Key window, simply paste in your API Key.

You also have few settings to when you Subscribe your customers. 1=yes ; 0=no .

6. Click Save. That's it!


Create A Mailing List

First, create a mailing list in MailChimp for to sync with. Creating a mailing list is easy!

  1. Go to the lists menu in MailChimp.
  2. Click the "Create list" button and follow the steps.
  3. For more help creating a list in MailChimp, see this article


Sync the list - Inside Settings you will see a "MailChimp List ID: ". You have to complete your list id in there. From that moment all the sync is totally automatically.


Create a Campaign

Once you have an email list, you can create a campaign to send to that list! 

  1. Click the campaigns menu.
  2. Click the "Create Campaign" button and follow the step-by-step directions.
  3. For more detailed information on campaigns, see this article
  4. After you create a campaign and send it, you can sit back and watch your stats!



Note: Before you will start using MailChimp services please double check: Terms of Use and Anti-spam Requirements

There are many powerful features available in MailChimp to make your email campaign a success! We are excited to help you achieve this! For more tips subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks!





Another Happy Customer at After managing the business using, the CEO of Bloom Dubai Clinic, will share with you some secrets and business tips of an amazing business having under management more than 30 employees and 13 treatments rooms. Click play below and see how you can save time and get organised too...



Customer journey in ClinicSoftware?
The entire journey is very smooth starting from the point when the customer is interacting with the reception. It's so simple when they are making appointments and all the information is already there.
They filling in their consent forms with their information already in place, the doctor then easily opens and enters all the clinical notes, the therapist takes before and after pictures. All the information that we take is updated in real time and is accessible from anywhere we are sitting in the clinic or even if I'm not in the clinic. Everything is available for me and I'm in control wherever I am.

We have 13 treatment rooms, 8 therapists, 2 cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It's a big team and a big place. We have 13 tablets for the doctors and 3 at the reception, 8 computers and smart watches. Everything is working in sync and it's very easy to manage. As soon as the data is fed in, it is accessible from your entire network.


What do you think about the paperless consent forms?
That just makes your life so much simple. It cuts down on all the paperwork and the waste of printing, the ink, everything that you're doing. You don't need to worry about the files being lost and having the storage space, it's all there in the system and it's so easy to manage!


The difference between Clinic Software ®.com and other software?
I have been in meetings with a lot of different companies from here in Dubai as well and in the UK but then most of them were not really willing to customize or make any changes, they had this set software which they just wanted it to be taken that way so you had to adopt around them. were the only ones willing to adapt to you and the way you function, and the way you wanted your clinic to work, so that makes it special.